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{From Nursery to Night Life in Under 15 Minutes}


Ding! Dong! [The door bell rings.]  “CRAP! The baby sitter is here already? But I barely even finished homework with the kids!” I look down and per usual I am still in my workout clothes from 6:30 am this morning.  Goodness gracious, I need to be out the door in 15 minutes and still have yet to even think about what I am wearing… ugh.

Well Hello Everyone! I trust you are all doing wonderfully. Today I wanted to talk about a reoccurring situation in my life and that is how I pull myself together in a matter of minutes, transitioning from that tiring and not always glamorous mama duty to fun and carefree nightlife chic.  Here are the steps I can offer on how I make it work when the realities of motherhood and my social escapes are at odds!  Feel free to implement any, all or none of these into your routines.  But no matter what, just have fun!


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{Mini Staycation Style}


Happy Monday from not so far away!  While I am always ready to jet set (never soon enough), I had an amazing local weekend here in Philadelphia enjoying summer sun, happy hour cocktails over looking the city line and celebrating my love on his special day… Father’s day!  — Oh and U2 in concert last night —  But I digress… Staycations are always welcomed by this non-stop mama!  With beach days upon us though, I wanted to highlight one of my fave summer dresses for you.  The Antigua Mini Dress by Free People.

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{ Celebrity Trending }

courtesy banana republic

Good Morning Friends!

Welcome to the first of many posts about celebrity inspired fashion.  This area is generally expected to present any one of our favorite style icon looks, with a plethora of direction (grace à moi) on how to recreate it.  While there are boundless names we could have searched and started with, I decided to kick off this featured area of the blog with the one and only Olivia Palermo.  I must admit, that I do find myself consistently admiring her ultra chic street looks when doing my daily scrolls through fashion editorials. Read More

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{Find your BALENC-iaga}


Hey Loves! Happy Tuesday! A day late, but how was your weekend? I think I was tested to the MAX for logistics and navigation, but we survived and had a total blast!  The kids’ schedules ruled the days, but nonetheless it was magnificent.  The weather here in Philly has been AMAZING and we are all out and about just living life and keeping it fun! Read More

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{ All things Lace }


Happy Day Everyone!  I am loving the Spring sunshine and flowers so much these days!!!

It may be of no surprise to some of you, but I am totally obsessed with anything with lace and straps! So many brands are utilizing this trend with cute bralettes that bring fun and flirty to any outfit.  This is one of my new fave bralettes from Urban Outfitters (ON SALE NOW!!).  It is not only super comfy, but also has great support and some added padding (which I personally need!).  So, I feel great wearing it!


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